AzMERIT Testing begins on Tuesday, April 3.  It is essential that your child be here on all testing dates.  Attendance and punctuality on all testing dates are extremely important.  Please do not schedule appointments during testing, if possible, since a student cannot finish taking a test after they leave school for the day.  Helpful tips to ensure your child's success on testing dates:

  • Eat a healthy breakfast.
  • Get a good night's sleep.
  • Do the best that they can.
  • Think and apply what they have learned in class.

AzMERIT EL Schedule



Faras Spelling Bee Finalist 2017

 1st Place Rene Flores (3rd), 2nd Place Jocelyn Morales (5th), 3rd Place Andrea Amalguer (3rd), 4th Place Mauricio Morales (5th), 5th Place Ivan Montaño (4th), 6th Place Camila Vidaurrazaga(3rd), 7th Place Rogelio Ramirez (5th) and Sponsor, Mrs. Hughes










Faras WildCATS! We are Committed to Success!

Welcome to Faras Elementary School where we're proud of our enthusiastic students, dedicated teachers and administrators, and involved parents. 

One of our goals for the school year is to increase parental involvement with the academic and decision-making aspects of our critical partnerships between the school, the home, and the community.

In order to succeed in strengthening our partnerships with these critical support groups, we've developed a Web site to provide you with helpful information about Faras Elementary throughout the year. So, please take a look around our site, get information about upcoming activities, and check out our News page for all our latest happenings. 


Dear Faras Families,

Welcome back to the 2017-2018 school year.  I look forward to working with you, your children and the great staff of Faras Elementary.  I am excited to get the new school year going and continue to build on the great foundation established at Faras.  Our goal is to become an “A” school and prepare our children to be college and career ready, and by working together, we can accomplish this goal.  Education is such an important and vital part of a child’s development and can be attained with the support from home, school and the community.  There is no challenge we cannot overcome if we work together with the same vision and goal in mind, which is to provide the best education, help our students exceed their educational goals and become life-long learners and continue to keep our students safe.  Our dedicated staff has been working hard to prepare for another amazing school year.
This year, we will continue to implement the second year of Eureka Math.  In addition, we will continue to apply the district wide instructional program, Beyond Textbooks, in order to help teachers with planning lessons, assessments, resources and curriculum pacing.  Also, we will continue to expand our science resources and our 21st Century after school program.  We have constructed a greenhouse, with the aide of Americorps, for students to use and grow plants, and we will be adding a weather and energy and magnetism station to reinforce science strands and learning.
As principal at Faras, I am committed and looking forward to work with our students, staff and community to make this a successful year and be a part of the Faras educational family.

Fernando Morales Principal

 “If everyone is moving forward together,  

then success takes care of itself.”--Henry Ford 

Estimadas familias de Faras,

Bienvenido al año escolar 2017-2018. Con mucho gusto espero trabajar con usted y sus hijos, junto a nuestro gran personal de Faras Primaria. Estoy emocionado por el nuevo año escolar y seguir construyendo sobre la gran fundación establecida en Faras. Nuestro meta es convertirnos en una escuela "A" y preparar a nuestros hijos para la Universidad, trabajando juntos podemos lograr este objetivo.  La educación escolar es una parte tan importantisima y vital del desarrollo de un niño y se puede lograr con el apoyo de ustedes padres de familia, la escuela y la comunidad.  No hay reto que no podemos superar si trabajamos juntos con la misma visión y meta, que es ofrecer la mejor educación, ayudar a nuestros estudiantes a superar sus metas educativas, convertirse en aprendices de por vida y seguir manteniendo nuestra seguridad para nuestos estudiantes.  Nuestro personal ha estado trabajando arduamente preparandose para otro exitoso año escolar.
Este año, vamos a seguir en práctica el segundo año de Eureka Matemáticas.  Además, contuinaremos aplicar el programa de instrucción, Beyond Textbooks, en todo el distrito para ayudar a los maestros con la planificación de lecciones, evaluaciones, recursos y currículo (plan de estudios). Además, vamos a seguir ampliando nuestros recursos científicos y el programa 21st Century. Hemos construido un invernadero con la ayuda de AmeriCorps, para que los estudiantes utilicen las instalaciones y puedan ayudar en el crecimiento y vida de las plantas para una mejor vegetación.   Estaremos agregando una estación de clima  de energía y magnetismo para reforzar ciencia y el aprendizaje.
Como Director de Faras, me comprometo a trabajar arduamente con nuestros estudiantes, personal y  comunidad, con el fin de hacer de este año un éxito y ser parte de la familia educativa de Faras.

Fernando Morales Director de Faras

"Si todos  nos movemos en la misma direccion,

el exito llega solo.”--Henry Ford